TFT display question

Hi everyone, I'm using an lcd display 16x2 and I have a problem with the character set. I need to write things in greek but the lcd does not support these characters so I have to buy a 'special' lcd with EU character support in order to show the greek alphabet. The thing is I want to move to these nice tft displays. My question is: Will I be able to show greek letters in this kind of screen? Is it like my PC screen? Can it show every character or has it a character set like these lcd 16x2?

Try to download a program that will allow you to do that (for example MkAvrCalculator). Also this topic might be helpful: Arduino - LiquidCrystalCreateChar. According to this you can create up to 8 characters 5x8 pixels.

You can display any font that you like with a graphics LCD i.e. you can address each pixel

This means that you have to store the custom font in your program Flash memory.
The 16x2 LCD has a built-in font.

GLCD and OLED tend to be 128x32, 128x64, 192x64, ... i.e. letterbox shape.
TFT tend to be 128x128, 128x160, 176x220, 240x320, ... i.e. squarer shape.


You have to buy a Graphics Display first. e.g. ST7920, KS0108, SSD1306, ... monochrome displays
Then use a suitable library that supports Greek fonts e.g. U8g2lib

Most software expects Brits or Americans to use ASCII characters i.e 0 to 127

Greek requires Unicode or other system for specifying characters.
Most TFT libraries only support writing text with characters 0 to 255.
You can get enough Greek letters to fit in codes 0 to 255 but they are not as "international" as using Unicode.

Olikraus supports Unicode.
Bodmer supports Unicode (I think).