TFT display

Bought this from Radio Shack with a Arduino 2560. Thought they'd have good links, examples, but no such thing. They first want you to edit the library, line 15, but opening it in notepad gives you about three lines of data 15 miles long!

The Arduino examples dont work either. I've now spent over $300 to get a simple project to play with. What a waste! Tired of E-bay, China, and now Radio Shack. Ya, I'm venting, but since no-one seemed to read my other post, I guess these just go out into cyber recycle bins anyways. Only other posts I saw dont help, just pointed the poor fool to a tutorial which doesn't help either. What a great way to fool the public into trying something for themselves.

I'm going to build another fully electric Chevy S10 or maybe convert a Miata... Use good old fashioned analog displays!

Unless of course someone can actually help...

First of all, don't use notepad. Download TextPad (, or any other decent text editor, that can cope with files that don't have both carriage-return and line-feed characters at the end of each line. You should be able to sort out line 15 then.

If you need any more help, post links to the libraries you are using, and the sample code you are trying to use.

Notepad is not a usable text editor, its been broken w.r.t. line-endings for literally decades!

for notepad select wordwrap

for tft Electronics - Henning Karlsen


You are my hero! It's working! Thanks so much!!!

Oops, I had my displays swapped. The one thats working is the one I got from SAINSMART. So, still my hero. But the one I bought from Radio Shack is still giving me headaches. But since one is working :slight_smile:

Neither of them have any numbers that correlate with anything I've read so far. The radio shack display won't even load the code.

The best freebie I've found so far is Notepad Plus.... Looks nice when the right coding language is chosen...