tft.drawNumber causes flicker


I use a library from Adafruit and have the following problem.

Display is ILI9163 serial.(160 x 128)

The numbers on the screen draws fine but the update redraws over the previous line without clearing the previous line.

The only way I could find was to draw a small rectangle over the numbers the same color as the back ground,but this cause a small flicker.

I also tried the tft.drawString(" " ) but this does not clear the line of number.

When I use tft.drawString("123 123") the 123 draws over my numbers without clearing the previous

characters and the spaces does nothing.

Please help I am missing something.


Use tft.setTextColor(foreground, background);
e.g. tft.setTextColor(WHITE, BLACK);


Thanks David that helped a lot ,I run a test on the font7 big seven segment and absolute no flicker.