TFT driver IC unknown


I got a 3.2’’ TFT screen with, according to dealextreme, an ILI9341 driver. It’s driving me mad, as I am pretty sure the pin indication is as a SSD1289 (see attachment).

The link of the vendor:

I am using a Nano and Dupont wires to connect to the TFT. I have tried UTFT with SSD1289 setup (16 bit):

DB0-DB5 on D8-D13
DB6 on A0
DB7 on A1
DB8 on Rx (=D0)
DB9 on Tx (=D1)
DB10-DB15 on D2-D7

RST on A2
CS on A3
WR on A4
RS on A5
RD on 3.3 V
VDD on 3.3 V
GND on GND (duh)

All other pins on TFT and Nano are open and floating.

NB: The SSD1289 supposedly can operate with 5 V datalines. Is this indeed correct?

I see nothing happening on the screen. Only the backlighting is shining brightly. Can anyone tell me what the driver IC really is and what lib to use with it?

Can I program the Nano with Rx and Tx connected to the TFT? It does upload correctly.

Thanks in advance!

(The Netherlands)

I found what was going wrong. My bad. The ILI9341 can be used in 16 bit mode, but there is no UTFT library for it.

I am currently looking for a 16 bit communication with the ILI9341.