TFT + ESP8266 - A dream team for IoT

Roger and I collaborated a new project, a TFT with Wi-Fi function for IoT. He is the project leader for the software development while I am playing a supporting role for the hardware design.

He spent a lot of time and efforts to perfect his software and test the board. After all, it works great! Now the PCB is shared at Oshpark.

More info. is available at:

One unique circuit design feature is that it works as a 3.3V or a 5V shield without any jumper settings. Just plug and play.

One unique PCB design feature is that it offers special pads for four Arduino male headers.

The pads and holes won’t be filled with solder when the PCB passes through a wave soldering machine. In the past, we had to tape all pads or use all SMD parts to avoid wave soldering, but this may not be possible in every case as some parts are not available in SMD packages. With this design, you don’t have to tape them. It saved us labor. Like the holes on this board, they must be taped before wave soldering, but with my new pad design, they don’t have to be.

When you order PCB’s, tell your PCB house not to plate-through those holes. If they are plate-through holes, the pads and holes will still be filled with solder.