TFT Featherwing 3.5" with ESP32-WROOM-32 issues


I am trying to code a touch screen interface using the tft featherwing 3.5" screen using the esp 32-wroom-32. I was working through this tutorial: Pinouts | Adafruit 3.5" 480x320 TFT FeatherWing | Adafruit Learning System however it did not specify the Board to select so I continued to try with FireBeetle-ESP32 based of the advice from this post ESP-WROOM-32: Uploading a program with Arduino IDE - techtutorialsx.

Using this information I was able to upload the intial graphicstest_featherwing. However then I tried to upload gfxbuttontest_featherwing and it shows that it uploads successfully but the screen just goes white. Then I tried to upload the graphicstest_featherwing and again I get the Upload Done text but the screen remains white.

Does anyone know how I get this touch screen to work? Is there another board type I should try?

Any advice would be helpful.

Just want to make sure I got it correctly, you got a ESP32 made by?

Have you installed the ESP32 core to your Arduino IDE?

Did the intial graphicstest_featherwing work?

Do you have a schematic and a picture of your hookup?

And how about posting the formatted code in code tags?