TFT LCD "2.4"

I bought a TFT LCD"2.4" which has touch screen and MMC socket,I don't
know ِdose it work by the mode of 8bit or16bit It's Driver is ILI9325(I
don't know ILI9325C or ILI9325D ) I want to use UTFT library but I
don't know which model of UTFT I should choose would you please help me
I want an example to understand how can I drive it?
these are some pictures of my lcd

many are having similar troubles with UTFT. Within the UTFT library should be a few .PDF files, one is the UTFT compatibility file (you need Adobe Acrobat reader to view) this PDF will tell you what model number to change to within any of the example sketches, also to note there is a line in the demo sketches you will need to change some based on your display and mainboard

UTFT myTouch(model,RS,Rw.....)

The model equals the model equivalent from the compatible displays PDF, the other four numbers are the control pins, mytouch(ITDB32S,38,39,40,41) in my case using the ITEAD Studio 3.2" and Mega 2560

Hope this points you in the right direction. UTFT is only supporting two suppliers right now, Itead Studios and another i cannot remember right now. Other displays using the same controller chips may work, but not officially supported.