TFT LCD "library" for Due

I am not sure where this belongs, but appreciate some notification if it gets moved.

I am trying to find the LATEST “library” to use for interfacing touch enabled ( I am not sure about correct tech term here) TFT LCD to Due.

Most of the stuff I found (TFT, UTFT) is either old, AVR only, under construction etc.

I do not need ready to run Arduino friendly code, I am planning to modify whatever is the best anyway.

I would prefer 3rd party, commercial grade code AKA with comments.

So if you have your favorite TFT LCD code and it is in public domain I like to hear from you.


This one seems to be OK , at least it compiles.

yes, go UTFT. i use it on the due with an SSD1289 based display. if you optimize the Due specific parts in the lib it can actually be pretty zappy!

The Gameduino2 - based on the FT800 embedded GPU is now running with Arduino Due. It is being actively developed and has is being used in commercial projects.

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