TFT / LCD module development for Arduino


I'm bussy to develop a tft / lcd module for the Arduino. This module will have a TFT onboard and and a controller onboard, witch can be controlled with a SPI interface.

The code for the lcd controller will be avaible for free and can be used.

In this forum I would like to have ideas from you witch format the TFT must be and if a touch panel must be added.

My own format idea was a 4.7" tft with 480x272 with a touch panel.

I like to hear from you and any idea is welcome.

Souds like a Good plan. Arduino doesn't have much memory so your chip has to have a sd card slot. To be honest I donnot like full color display with the arduino since it is just not meant for it. The most complicated display I am willing to use is a mono dot matrix one. IMHO