TFT LCD screen not working and displaying grey stripes

Hi everyone,

I'm quite new in Arduino and I was trying to connect a TFT LCD screen ( to an Arduino uno. But It had never worked so far: I always have grey stripes on the screen when I try to load program on the board. I've download the latest version of Arduino IDE software. I tried 2 different TFT screen, with 2 different arduino uno. I don't think my pin connections are wrong, I even used the ICSP header as an alternative to see if it makes a difference. So basically, I don't understand why it is still not working? Could someone help me?

Many thanks :)

Actually, using the version Arduino 1.5.8 BETA (with support for Arduino Yún and Arduino Due boards) instead of Arduino 1.6 (thought the most recent) had solved my problem. Just telling in case someone has the same problem. Cheers

I am having exactly the same problem. It's the first time I am programming (RF background..) and this was a real headache for me to deal with. I am using Uno R3 with the TFT 1.77" , installed on PC Arduino 1.0.6 (what else of course) and no way to make the TFT work as expected..

After unistalling 1.0.6 from the PC and then installing 1.5.8 Beta as suggested above (many thanks) everything worked!

This sounds like a bug to me and has to be mentioned on the TFT Graph example that people need to install a specific version on their PC to work correctly..?