TFT Parallel Interface

I'm researching different IPS TFT displays (2.4" 320x240) for a project and found that when using the SPI interface i get quite a bit of lag especially having to write twice on custom fonts. So I've been looking into using a parallel interface to speed things up.

I’m struggling to get my head around the parallel interface though.
Is RGB Parallel and MPU Parallel the same ? i don't think they are but its difficult to differentiate between them.
When using parallel is the controller IC (ILI9341 or ST7789V) even relevant ?

When looking for a new TFT screen are there some specs I should look out for / keep clear from ?

Any popular library's for parallel out there to as i can only seem to find SPI ones ?

Thanks for any help your able to offer.

Which MCU are you going to use?

For high speeds: FT81X or BT81X on Arm MCU

probably the Teensy 3.5

Can anyone recommend a solid library for a TFT display using the 8080 parallel interface in either 8/9/16 or 18bit ?

Currently looking at using the Midas TFT screen that has an ST7789V with option of parallel 8080 interface.


The Farnell display should be fine. You need to provide a ribbon connector to receive the display.

A Teensy3.5 works fine with SPI or with 8080-8 interface. The 45-way ribbon contains the IM# interface-mode signals.

You will spend most of your programming time in "slowing down" the SPI or 8080-8 interface.



Do you know of an 8080 parallel library that works? I've tried the Adafruit_TFTLCD and it doesn't recognise the screen.

Why do you say slow it down in the programming? When I have to wipe the full screen or clear some larger graphics, it has a noticeable scan /wipe from top to bottom.

would be nice to use DMA on the SPI but i can only find library's compatible with the ILI9341 not the ST7789V.


MCUFRIEND_kbv supports about 40 different parallel controllers including ST7789 and is available via IDE Library Manager.
MCUFRIEND_kbv supports Teensy3.5

Adafruit_ST7789 supports SPI ST7789 and is available via IDE Library Manager.

ST7789_kbv supports SPI ST7789 but it is not available via IDE Library Manager.


I'll check out MCUFRIEND_kbv.

I've used those SPI library's but they don't support DMA modes.

Re the pin outs I've made some breakout boards from jlcpcb.