TFT portrait

Hello people, one of the components from my aquarium system is a TFT 2.8" which i use to display informations such water temperature and time. Furthermore im trying to use it as portrait, this function will be shown as soon you press determinated button in the lcd. But my problem is that the images are being loaded so fast that i cant draw a button to leave the portrait option. I’ve been trying this thing for 2 days but without any sucess, i’ve already tried millis countdown. To summarize, im looking for a way to press a button, then activate portrait mode, pictures will be loaded, once the picture is full loaded it shows (for like two minutes) a button to return to menu, if pressed return to menu page, else it loads the next image.

I hope i’ve been clear, english isn’t my native language.

PS: i don’t really know but only this library and scrip ran to me. TFT bmp library didn’t work.

modoRetrato.ino (8.62 KB)