TFT screen help


I have this screen. I've gotten my arduino to read humidity and temperature. How do I get it to write on the screen? Also which pins do I have to hook up?

Thanks !

WHAT screen? How the heck are we supposed to know?

OK, sorry, it's been a long day, but maybe you could provide just a little info eh?

Trying to paste the link

This looks like a shield, just plug the whole thing in to your Arduino.

It won't work as I don't have access to plug in the humidity sensor as well.

I'm trying to figure out what's the bare minimum I need to hook up to have this work as well as how to write the data to the screen

That shield seems to need a lot of pins, so it might be better to look at what sensors need.

It's almost impossible to say much without proper data for all the components involved.

I have the uno, DTH22 and this screen. I have another shield that I will be adding down the road once I figure this out.

You have code to talk to that DTH22, and it seems to be able to use any digital pin, so choose a pin not used by the screen and adjust the code accordingly. That is if there are any free pins, that shield seems to need a heck of a lot.

Do you have data for the screen?

I think I may have to select a different screen ashot this one uses almost all of the pins on the uno.

No data from the screen. Purchased it and realized that it didn't come with any schematic or speconomic sheet.