TFT Screen

Good day to all. Please tell me how to use here is a screen?
Делал так как написано в вот этой статье, но экран просто белый.

Install the MCUFRIEND_kbv library

Plug the display into your UNO and run the graphictest_kbv example.

Observe the Serial Terminal. Does it say ID=0x1505 or ID=0xB505 ?

Report the result.


If you are still listening, I have added support for the R61505V controller and it should be available in the next release of my library.


Thank you, but it just keeps burning white. (Tell me whether you can work with him through the library TFT.H? There is a simple example without using third-party libraries? To see it working or not. I started to doubt.

As far as I know, there are no Arduino libraries that support the R61505V. (except me)

There is little point in going anywhere until you identify the chip. If you are not prepared to run the identification sketch, you will never get the display working.