TFT SD display project

Hi all,

I hope someone can help with this. I have a 2.4'' TFT LCD display with a built in SD card reader running on an arduino uno. My project requires me to on startup have a display logo appear then boot a option screen. I've seen this done with LED lights on an uno sharing a pin,

The option screen is the important one. It needs to have two options that act as an on and off function to replace a spdt switch in my project. I'm a total noob with arduino and I really struggle to understand the coding. I've watched a lot of youtube videos but no ardunio tutorials explain how these TFT LCD boards work for a total novice.

I hope to learn as I go but I'm in trouble if I don't have this figured out quickly as my project is due. Can anyone spare some time to advise me?

By what mechanism is the selection made?

It will be made by the touch screen function to toggle between functions.

Have you got the screen to respond to touches?

Yes but with code I got from github and then modified it slightly for my own text display. The main issue I have is understanding what code is needed for the screen to display a logo for about 3 secs or so and then display an icon bmp to to touch for an on and off function using only the uno board. Sorry I'm very clumsy when it gets to software.

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