TFT Shield Flickering


I am new to ardunio, and have decided to use it for a school project , i bought a cheap screen off aliexpress(, hooked it up and found it to have a SPFD5408 driver chip, so a i got the basic graphics test wroking and tried ou the paint sketch, but i found in both sketchs theat the screen has a "flickering effect" mostly in the background i think, is this a code issue ? or power? or just cheap screen ?

I tried your link. The link works but the item is no longer available. I also note that the photos at the top left hand corner do not match the photos in the main body of the HTML page.

Run the LCD_ID_readreg.ino sketch from MCUFRIEND_kbv library and report back with what it says. Copy-Paste to output from the Serial Terminal.

As far as I know, the real Orise SPFD5408 controller works 100% with my library.

If you have flickering, I would be very interested in the details. So that I can correct it.