TFT sketch runs fine on A-Uno, won't run on A-Micro

Hardware: Arduino Uno, Arduino Micro, TFT shield (2.8" TFT Touch Shield v1.0 by Seeed Studio 05A12 bought from Radio Shack) SD shield (Also bought at Radio Shack).

I am trying to use the TFT shield and the SD shield at the same time in order to read a .bmp file and send it to the TFT display. The problem is, there is a pin conflict between the two shields. So I took the SD shield (fewer pins) and moved it to a breadboard and changed the "Chip Select" pin in the sketch.

After quite a bit of playing around I got it to run fine on the Arduino Uno with the SD shield on the breadboard and the TFT shield connected to the top of the Uno. Now I can read a .bmp file from the SD card and send it to the TFT display. Works like a champ!

My ultimate goal is to have USB communication along with all of this in order to experiment with keyboard macros for my regular computer. I bought an Arduino Micro with this in mind. (Not to mention that if I want to put this into a box, the Micro is considerably smaller)

I put the Micro on a breadboard. I wired up the SD card shield to the breadboard with the new pin configuration I came up with on the Uno, and the SD shield works fine. I can read/write files, and all the things the Demo sketches do. Works like a champ!

Then I disconnected the SD shield to try to get the TFT shield to work, so that I am only working with one piece at a time. After that I will put both shields together.

HERE is my problem: when I tried to wire the TFT shield to the Micro on the breadboard, it doesn't work. I have verified (several times) that I have all the pins properly placed. I verified that the pinout diagram I have for the Micro is correct by running the Blink sketch on each pin (D2 - D13 & A0 - A3) and my pinout diagram is correct. I have the power and ground wires in the proper places. All I get from the TFT display is a little white when the power is connected, no blinking or change of any kind, no indication of communication with the Micro. I say "a little white" because it is only about half as bright as the TFT.init makes it look when I run it on the Uno.

All the other simple sketches I have tried run fine on both boards. Therefore I suspect that there is something different about the pins on the Micro (perhaps a Chip Select or something) but I haven't been able to find anything different yet. According to the TFT Shield Wiki it draws 250ma current for its power. I can't find the max current draw the Micro can supply so I don't know if the TFT just isn't getting enough power to operate.

BTW: Yes, I have verified that I am sending from "Arduino IDE" to the proper board. Yes, I am using the proper Serial Port. On both boards the sketches compile and upload without errors.

Any usable help will be appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Have you seen this,

From the micros datasheet

SPI: on the ICSP header. These pins support SPI communication using the SPI library. Note that the SPI pins are not connected to any of the digital I/O pins as they are on the Arduino Uno, they are only available on the ICSP connector and on the nearby pins labelled MISO, MOSI and SCK.

Can you get the TFT going on its own with the micro?


Please note my original post:

'Then I disconnected the SD shield to try to get the TFT shield to work, so that I am only working with one piece at a time. After that I will put both shields together."

The answer is "No", I cannot "get the TFT going on its own with the Micro". That is what I am asking about. The TFT shield is the only thing on the breadboard with the Micro.

I'm having the same issue. Sketch with Arduino 8x32 driving LED matrix. Works fine on UNO or Due, but not micro.

:0 =(

And I just fried the LED matrix by accidentally hooking it up to 12v instead of 5v...

So I will have to wait for some replacement parts before further troubleshooting.

-- meikj