TFT Touch display HX9347 I - cant start up, only white screen

Dear all,

I have buy 2 weeks ago a TFT display from AliExpress. There was no specific writings on the shield, but on the plastic package was written "Driver: HX8347-I".

When I connected it to Arduino Mega 2560 and test it, the respond was "IDx95" or"IDx9595". I think the first one is the correct - it is 8-bits TFT.
So, until now I was not able to start up this display to show something more than white screen.
I found also, that there is shield which is marked as HX8347-I , but is diferent from the layout of this , that I have.

I will appreciate , if you can help me with this display and send me some working project with the proper library.

Thank you in advance for any help !
Best regards,

Install / Update MCUFRIEND_kbv via the Library Manager.

From the extras/mcufriend_how_to.text:

HX8347-I 240x320  ID=0x9595 #define SUPPORT_8347D

Edit MCUFRIEND_kbv.cpp:

//#define SUPPORT_8347D             //HX8347-D, HX8347-G, HX8347-I +520 bytes, 0.27s


#define SUPPORT_8347D             //HX8347-D, HX8347-G, HX8347-I +520 bytes, 0.27s


Hello Dave !

Thank you for the fast respond. I will give feed back right when I try it .


Dear David,

I just succeed to run almost all of sketches from MCUFRIEND_kbv. I start from new, clean library directory and everything was just fine !
A lot of thanks !!
Tomorrow I will try to use the "touch screen" function and make some buttons or elementary menu.
Once again : thank you !