TFT touch LCD YX32B/34B

Hey there,

i am verry new to all this and just got my first LCD-Display from eBay. ( ) It is a 3.2" with SSD1289. I connected it like (using 5V, leaving 3.3v NC) to a Mega2560 and used the UTFT Library and sample code. All i get is a flickering white. I searched a lot but all i found are shields with SD-Slot with this kind of Problem.

Is there an easy way to check the display ? Like 4 wires and a self-test or something ? Maybe some1 have the same display and figured out how to use it ? Maybe some1 have another idea ?

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Your best bet is to ask the supplier for a link to a suitable library and examples, quoting the model number. If they don’t tell you, you might try returning it for a refund - unfit for purpose.

It is a bit late to hear this but, if a seller does not provide vital information like that before you buy, you should get the display from one that does.

I must say, the seller tried the best to provide all needed information.
I have many tech. Documentations. Unfortunately, most is chinese :frowning:

The only thing they can’t provide is Arduino-Stuff.

SSD1289 IC.pdf (619 KB)

user instruactions.pdf (1.26 MB)

From your eBay link... This looks somewhat nasty:

LCD Interface?: 16-bit parallel

A nice SPI interface ius what you need. Like:


Too small, no touchscreen.. but a nice try...

Any1 else ?

darealal: Too small, no touchscreen.. but a nice try...

Any1 else ?

There are SPI TFT RGB screens that are larger than 2.2 inches! My reference was to the ease of using SPI, not to he screen size. Generally, a simple search of the forum will answer most common questions...

Adafruit also has a nice TFT RGB that has an "add on" touchscreen. Her stuff always works, is well documented, is supported, and you pay the extra for that service. But if you need something that can be integrated quickly, has a 100% guarantee of working as marketed (integration with other things is not guaranteed... you may have to work to make it happen) ... well, the price may be reasonable.

Sparkfun also has a good selection and good support from my experiences.