TFT Touch Screen Menu (Arduino Due)

Hi everyone,

I have a TFT touchscreen 7" inch display with RA8875 using SPI interface on Arduino Due, and I would like to know if there is a software where I can design a touch screen menu, how to make a menu easily for this display? I saw some nextion examples, but my display is not a nextion type.

I came across this before while looking for the same thing:

I looked into it a bit, but gave up on it for 2 reasons -

First, I'm not happy with the performance of 2.8 inch touchscreens and directly displaying/manipulating graphics, (moving a slider), on them using an UNO or a Zero to drive the displays.

Second, I would assume adding another "layer" of code would only further slow things down. Plus, arduino integration appears to be lacking, but being worked on.

Just my 2 cents..

Thank you. This discourages everyone to continue to figure out a good solution, but we need it.