TFT touch screen with shield only shows white

This is the Screen i purchased Electronics, Cars, Fashion, Collectibles & More | eBay, This is the shield for the screen, a tried many examples and many libraries but none of them work. I only see a white screen. any body know a library that will work?

I doubt that I can solve anyones questions but my little success story

I tried many libraries and every time I compiled I got heaps of errors and then I hit on a a few libraries that allowed the programs to compile but all I had then was a white screen until I happened upon

Ultimately I tried the example GLUE_Demo_480x320.ino it compiled and loaded and hey presto I had a sine wave drawn on to my screen.

To all of you clever people that create the libraries and examples THANKYOU. To those of you that patiently answer peoples questions, THANKYOU :-).