TFT Touch Shield Command questions (SLD62445P)

I picked this little 2.8" TFT Touch Shield at radio shack to play around with and possibly use in a project I'm working on.

Unfortunately the library for it is rather limited. It enabled drawing shapes and characters on the screen just fine, which is 80% of what I need to be able to do, but it's also missing a lot of functionality I would like.

For example the library has a private function exitStandBy, which makes me wonder if there is a way to put the display into standby. I don't want the screen running, or at least not the back light in the screen when it isn't necessary.

I've tried looking at the datasheet for the screen:

But it's less than helpful. The product page says "The TFT driver is based on ST7781R with 8bit data and 4bit control interface." so I looked at the data sheet for the ST7781R:

And there is a huge section on commands but I can't figure out the data being sent part of it. I can see that the commands being sent are the same as the hex for the command in the command list on page 89 of the ST7781R datasheet. But I don't see how the sendData correlates to sending the commands parameters.

For example:


According to the command list this is the command for Display Control 1. But I can't figure out what the data of 0x0133 is doing for it. The description on page 98 of the datasheet is pretty long but doesn't really help me much.

Can anyone shed some light on this for me?

Ok, well I think I figured out the command data. Looks like it's binary in hex form that sets each setting from the datasheet to 1 or 0.

But I still can't achieve what I want. If I set the standby flag to 1 as per the datasheet on Power Control 1 command, it simply turns the screen white, still on and the backlight is still on as well. Sleep mode does the same thing, as does turning off the display portions. That is about the opposite effect that I want lol, I want a dark display, not a bright white one =p