TFT touchscreen troubles

I have a 3.2” TFT touchscreen and shield for the Arduino Mega. When I tried running demos from the TFT and UTouch libraries the screen doesn’t display what it should. About 1/5 of the screen shows vertical multicolored lines and the rest is white pixels(looks like snow) links below of what I have. My question is, is it most likely I just received a bad touchscreen with internal wiring issues(the multicolored lines make me guess that)

And yes I’ve corrected my model parameters a few different ways in the demo but each upload it shows the same screen that I’ve mentioned above.

Difficult to say, really.
A photo of the screen image may be useful (not for certain though).
Does it still detect touch?
Try to write the simplest program that just lights one pixel or something like that, and see what happens.