I am assuming this module has an ILI9341 controller chip on it. I have only found one other data sheet using this controller.

It appears that it might be possible to force the module to use 3 or 4 wire SPI but I have no idea how,
nor do I know which pins might be which. This module has the 40-pin header.

I do not do intensive motion graphics on my products, so SPI should be fine.

The other data sheet showed that if certain setup lines were all held high, it would revert to a 3-wire

Does anyone have any information on this?

Glen K4KV

Everything is written in the datasheet.

As I said in a previous message, the IMn pins are seldom accessible.

Since you have extensive experience, you can butcher your display to your heart's content.
If you can get at IM1 and IM2 (and IM0) you can select SPI.

It is a lot easier to level-shift 6 control lines for SPI rather than the 21 lines for the 16-bit interface.
Personally, I would run the AVR at 3.3V because this avoids any level shifting.

Seriously, it will be less work to buy a SPI module in the first place.


It looks like you want to migrate your legacy products to use the low cost TFT touch displays. I can provide the technical support and guidance you need for a fixed fee. PM me if you are interested.