TFT_eSPI Libaray Examples for ESP32

Hi All,
As you can see I am very much a new comer! I have acquired a couple of 3.5 inch RPi LCD (A) V3 displays. they seem to be rip off's of the Waveshare product same name. I have managed to get the one working using the excellent TFT_eSPI lib and PlatformIO. I wrote a very simple program to display lines of text, configured the User_Setup.h and low and behold got the text on the screen. Now to extend my knowledge and put the display through its paces I decided to try and run the examples from the library namely 480x320 Touch_controller_Demo and Graph_2. The touch will not down load and gives a compiler error TFT_eSPIhas has no such members calibratetouch also gettouch and settouch. Any help would be much appreciated .

You need to define a touch pin in your setup. If no touch pin is defined then the touch functions are not loaded. hence the error messages. Run the touch diagnostic sketch to verify the touch controller is being accessed correctly and wiring is OK.

Thanks Bodmer,
Thanks for that you were of course correct. I have now mapped all the pins of the TFT correctly and both Demo and Test compile down load and run. Unfortunately the Test displays the same data no mater where I touch the screen and how hard I touch it. The Demo does nothing only a light coloured rectangle is displayed in the top left of the screen. I suspect that the screen is not being calibrated or the SPIFFS memory is holding corrupt data. I have tried inserting a Format SPIFFs command in the beginning of the Test program but it makes no difference. The data displayed during execution of the test program is. x: 0 or 18 or 8196 y: 0 or 8191 z: 4095 very oculonasally 4119. I have introduced some delay in the print out to try and more accurately record the values the ones above are my best guess as occasionally the values are other than those recorded. The only regular change I can make is by holding the display such that my thumbs make contact with two strips one down each side of the display then the the x and y reading are both 0 z remains at 4095. Hope you can cast further light on the problem.
Regards John

Have you wired both MOSI and MISO to the display?

Firstly thanks for the reply and secondly sorry its taken me so long to respond. Yes all connections on the TFT module are connected as per the diagram on your Git hub to pins 2,4,15,18,23,22,19. of my ESP32 User_Setup.h and and User_Select_Setup.h have the various options uncommented iaw the instructions. I have concluded that the problem lies with my lib_deps or the header files in PlatformIO. Reason being if I download the examples via Arduino IDE I can get them all so far checked to run. When down loads via PlatformIO the programs don't run the Display remains white but I don't get any errors from PlatformIO during compilation linking and down load. I am not seeking help on PlatformIO in this forum just telling the story so far. So thanks for your assistance and a special thanks for your splendid library and Git Hub. I am now heading to the PlatformIO forums to ask all the questions again
Regards John

OK, if you find out what needs to be done in the PlatformIO environment then do post back here.