I am working with an ESP32 in the bodmer TFT_eSPI library. My display is a 3.5 inch parallel 8 bit TFT with an HX8357 inscription that I cannot get to work with this driver.

In User_Setup_Select.h:
-When I select the Setup_R61581_Parallel driver, it works but the colors are not correct.
-When I select the driver Setup47_HX8357D_Parallel.h the display remains white.

I added these two 2 files in the Users_Setups directory. They define the wiring between the ESP32 and the display and the choics of driver and processor.

The wiring is the same in both cases and corresponds to my assembly. These two files also refer to files in the TFT_Drivers directory (_Defines.h, _Init.h and _Rotation.h) which are supplied as standard by the library.

I have two other identical displays with two different controllers (RM68140 & R61581) in 8 bit parallel which work very well with TFT_eSPI.

At this point, I don't know what to do to make this display work properly.


With R61581 driver of Bodmer library and add tft.invertDisplay(1); in application program. Now, colors ares correct.