TFTLCD for arduino mega 2560(ili9488) 3.95"

Please I need a library that works for this screen, I have used UTFT and Adafruit, but they do not work, the screen only turns on and goes blank.

por favor necesito una libreria que funcione para esta pantalla, he usado UTFT y Adafruit, pero no funcionan, la pantalla solo enciende y queda en blanco.

It looks as if the Shield has an 8-bit data bus on PORTA (D22-D29)
And the control pins on D38-D41 like the regular 16-bit Shields.

It is probably 320x480 with an ILI9488 controller.

UTFT does not support any 320x480 with 8-bit interface.
MCUFRIEND_kbv will support a Mega Shield with 8-bit bus if you make several edits to the library files.

mikehenry says there are Russian library and discussions in a current thread
He has the TFT working. He has trouble with the XPT2046 Touch Controller. The microSD will never work reliably.