TGS 6812-D00 figaro methane gas sensor

hey i'm working on figaro gas sensor of type (TGS 6812-D00) and i need help to know which arduino board(uno,...) is compatible to this type of sensor and if i can find a way to see a project similar to what i'm working on and how to wire it because i tried to google it but i didn't find anyone

Any Arduino board is able to process the data of this sensor,
but you can’t connect this sensor directly to an Arduino (or any other processor).
You probably need to design/build the hardware between sensor and Arduino yourself.
You need:

  1. a linear regulated 3.0volt/200mA supply, accurate to <=0.1volt.

  2. instrumentation amp. This could be a HX711 breakout board. Advantage is the buildin A/D.

  3. adjustable voltage divider to zero the sensor, as outlined in the sensor’s datasheet.

The excitation supply of a HX711 can be modified to deliver 3.0volt/200mA,
if… you have the skills and an SMD rework station.

which arduino board type is compatible to figaro tgs 6812-D00 methane gas sensor ?


What is the heater voltage/current for that TG sensor?

Its heater current is 175 mA(typical)
circuit conditions 3.0v+-0.05v AC/DC
operating voltage 3.0+-0.1v AC/DC
sensitivity characteristics Vout=100mv for 25000 ppm(methane gas concentration) and Vout= 10mv~18mv(in 5000ppm methane) i think i need an amplifier
heater power consumption 525 mW(typical)

Thank you

Any Arduino would be OK for the signal parts of this... UNO for example..

But you need to provide the 3.0V at 175 mA. for the heater. The UNO can not supply that.

You could use an external 5V 1A power supply for the Arduino and also use that to provide the heater power through a resistor to provide the 3.0V at 175 mA


Thank you so much for you informations,…

So I can use any type of arduino except of UNO
And I have to make sure that the external power supply for the arduino is 5V 1A

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Thank you so much for you informations,..

So I can use any type of arduino except of UNO
And I have to make sure that the external power supply for the arduino is 5V 1A

No arduino can supply that much current. The point wasn't that an UNO wasn't good for the job, but that you'll need to provide that power from something other than the microcontroller.

A 3.3volt Arduino with enough current reserve could be a solution.
Then dropping the heater supply with a resistor, as terryking228 suggested, is also more accurate (3.3 to 3.0).
Still need an instrumentation amp though.

Here are examples of using TG sensors and arduino test code:

TG Sensors mounted on those little modules with an amplifier chip are widely available. You could modify one to use the sensor you want.

hey I am working on a methane gas sensor (figaro TGS 6812-D00) its output voltage is from 0 to 100mv but i need to use an amplifier between the sensor and the arduino because the arduino reference voltage is of 5v.
This is the link of the circuit :

the gain of the amplifier must be 50 but i dont know which amplifier to use and how to wire it.
how to wire the output of sensor to the input of the amplifier and
the output of the amplifier to the input of the arduino .

And Thank you

Why didn't you ask this in your other TGS 6812-D00 thread.