Hai all

I have a project using TGS8610 Sensor Gas Sensors / FIGARO Engineering inc. World leader in gassensing innovation
i am already to deploy the component of sensor following datasheet. I have some question.

  1. in the datasheet, Vout have 2 output. how to insert to arduino ?. I development 4 cabling. Vcc, GND, A0. 1 cable i dont know to installation.

  2. In figure of sensitivity of sensor. X axis is mV and Y Axis is ppm how to convert that to ppm, using power regresion or liniear regresion

Thank for your helps

You wont get a good reading until you add an intrumentation amplifier (which has 2 inputs)
( The signal varies too little to be useful 'as is' )

U can build one using dual rail-to-rail opamps (eg MCP6002 or TS912 + some resistors) , the HX711 AD-converter or a instrumentation amp like the INAxxx family

U'll find them all on ebay.. I'd go for the shielded HX711
You may also need a 3.0V source, which can be made from a DC to DC step-down-converter