Tha danger of NRF24L

Hi there, i'm building a quadcopter and i will control it wuth the nrf24l. my question how safe or danger this radio module.

do i use it or use other technologie. because if i lost the communication the quadcopter continu flying and it could be fall for someone and it will damage here/his face

i want your advise.

seconde question do i to empty buffer after i send or receive data ??
please i want some people who has experiment about the nrf. remeber it's dangerous if the quadcopter fall on people.

i want your advise.

Until you do not understand the datasheet of the nRF, play with less dangerous toys.

Anything can fail. This should be part of your design specs.

If the quadcopter does not get a pulse/heartbeat from the radio for more than 0.5s for exemple then it should perform something safe like stop moving for while and if no signal comes then take further action such as possibly if you have a GPS on board fly back towards its launch area, or have a sound alarm, and try to land, or go high, turn off the motors, eject a parachute to have a softer landing…

Plan for the worse and fly only where it’s legal and safe

This is NOT a programming question

Thnaks, for replays, but i want to have advises about the module is it good for quadcopter or not

Common frequencies used in RC radio are 2.4GHz, 27MHz, 72MHz, 433MHz, 900MHz and 1.3GHz, and majority use 2.4GHz these days

In general it is recommended for transmitters to have at least 5 or 6 channels for a quadcopter. - 4 is good and extra 1 or 2 channels are used to arm the quad and/or switch between different flight modes.

EDIT striking this - not wanting to confuse people, those are RC transmitters channels - not RC radio or nRF24 channels.

You could read this article

Hi, thanks, but what do you mean "channel" ?? me i use 2 nrfl module one as receiver other like transmiter, and i can send 32 Byte every loop. so i can send 8 bytes. 1 for the thrust other for pich other for roll other for yaw.
this is what you mean channel ?? you mean bytes ??

Channels are usually different frequencies in this context.

I think @J-M-L (in Reply #5) meant “channel” in the way the word is used for regular model aircraft radio control equipment - one for rudder, another for elevator etc.

In the nRF24 world “channel” means the specific frequency the pair of transceivers are using.

Because an nRF24 just sends data you can use that to mean whatver you want. You could treat each of the 32 bytes as a control signal for 32 different things - similar to having 32 “channels” in the other sense of the word.

And there is nothing to prevent you sending 2 messages and 64 bytes of data.

I think some of the off-the-shelf R/C controllers use nRF24 transceivers and some use equivalent devices made by Cypress.

Simple nRF24L01+ Tutorial

indeed - sorry - did not mean to add to the confusion!

thanks, but it's the same what i said. ch1 aileron me byte one thrust. ch2 elevator me byte 2 pitch ..etc

thanks, but it's the same what i said. ch1 aileron me byte one thrust. ch2 elevator me byte 2 pitch ..etc

What does "me byte" mean?

As it appears twice I assume it is not a typo.


thanks, but it's the same what i said. ch1 aileron = first byte. ch2 elevator = seconde byte ...etc

Do you have any further questions ?


nop, thanks