That's enough, thanks

I have banned Delta_G for 30 days (honestly the forum software is so flaky I'm not sure what sort of ban I actually did).

This forum is not the place for personal attacks on anyone, particularly about things which are nothing to do with Arduino.

I'm going to delete threads I find mentioning paedophiles.

This is not condoning paedophilia and it is ridiculous and insulting to suggest it is. This is not the appropriate place to attack people for their views on abortion, religion, politics, paedophilia, or anything else.

I am going to ban people who keep carrying on about this, particularly if you start suggesting that we are supporting paedophiles.

Attacks on moderators are particularly invidious, because before you know it the moderators will resign. Do you think the forum will be better with no moderators? No, it won't.

Take it somewhere else. I warn you, though, that this sort of stuff wouldn't last 30 seconds on the Arduino Stack Exchange.

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A reply was made to the above which consisted of more abusive and threatening language, which I have deleted. If this continues the appropriate law enforcement departments will be made aware of threats against moderators (and others) through this forum.

I am going to lock this thread, so it can't be used as a "haha! I got in with another IP address" type reply.

I want to point out though that two wrongs don't make a right.

Threatening to "come after" moderators does not somehow cancel any original wrong. It is a new wrong which the authorities will know how to deal with.

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I don't think I am going to influence the person who keeps making sock-puppet accounts to keep the subject of paedophiles alive, but for the benefit of others I am going to set the record straight.

A Google search for "pedophile" reveals 4 hits of web pages, one of which is in the recycle bin (deleted in other words). The other three hits are from a thread made in 2016, the subject being 'should "transgender" be a gender ?'.

The word "pedophile" is mentioned in passing, not by anyone saying that they had abused children.

If anyone can find a thread (on this forum) that talks about the abuse of children please post a link to it, and it will be dealt with, in other words, removed.

However claiming that there are such links, when there are not, and that the moderators are permitting such material, is just offensive and defamatory.

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