The 5th 24-hour Makeblock Hackathon:4 different arduino projects

This Saturday we held our 5th Hackathon, each team only have 24 hours to start the project and finish the task. About there's 4 groups of hacker team from R & D department. After one hour discussion, they made their choices and get started their amazing projects.

Team A

Project: Makeblock Solve Rubik's Cube Robot

Gao was writing down his idea, few mins we got from the team leader that they're going to make a robot to solve Rubik's cube. We were very interesting to follow this project, it sounds amazing.

How it works:

When the robot start to work, it will identify the each side of cube patterned by camera and turn it into cube's status. According the puzzle blindfolded solving "four-step" principle, the main board can work out all the steps of solving cube. At last, it will output the standard procedure and executed by the robot.

They built the machine and tried to use Arduino to control.

Their first testing demo.

Show Time:
Everyone is laughing.

Team B

Crazy World Cup Penalty Kick Robots (including shooter and goalkeeper)

The FIFA 2014 World Cup is very hot recently, it inspire us to create the Crazy World Cup Penalty Kick Robots project., it's including a crazy shooter and a crazy goalkeeper.
The shooter is composed of a servo and a DC motor. The servo controls the shooter's shooting angle and the DC motor controls the calf of shooter. The redirection and shooting will control by a Me-button module.
The goalkeeper is composed of a stepper motor and a servo as well. The stepper motor drives the goalkeeper move to left or right side. The servo can lift the foot of goalkeeper. It also controlled by a Me-button module.
The open goal contains a pair of Reflective Optical Sensor, when the soccer enter the open goal and cut the infrared light, the LED light around the goal will turn Green. In addition, the digital display will record the goals scored as a scoring device.