The Agent keeps failing to upload the code and needs reconecting

Hello everyone

Am I the only one with this problem? My Agent Icon won't go green for a start and
every couple of times I try to upload code the Agent fails. By reloading the page and restarting the Agent it some how works again. The fire Wall and anti Virus Program do not seam to interfere eater. I have done everything possible I know of but the problem persists and makes using the web editor no fun. Please if you know some way of getting by of this problem let me know.


Hi @Tinymaxi. The information you find about the green icon color indicating it is running is outdated. Since that time, the color was changed.

The color to indicate it is running is now:

  • Windows/Linux/macOS (dark mode): white
  • macOS (light mode): black

The statement in the FAQ regarding the gray color indicating the agent is not running is still correct. So as long as the icon is white or black, it is running.

Of course, the fact that you can't upload reliably is still a problem, but it is not related to the lack of green color of the icon.

Thank you very much for your reply. Well okay then, that is that. My Icon is white, I hope they can fix it. At least the fault is not on me.

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