The Arduino Controlled, Phone Operated, House Wide Audio System (Part 3)


Since we have just finished the schematics for our circuit, we now need to choose our components. The datasheet for the PT2258 suggests 10µF capacitors and 100 kOhm resistors. FOLLOW THE DATASHEET. Order as many of these as you will need for however large your system is. You’ll also need to pick up the PT2258 and some male headers. Since you’re ordering stuff, if you choose to use the board I designed, head on over to OSH Park and order a couple.

Now for the fun part! It’s time to solder! Find that soldering iron and some solder!

  1. Find the PT2258 IC and place it in the PCB

It should look like this from the bottom

  1. Make your first solder joint on one of the legs of the PT2258
  2. Continue making joints until all of the legs are connected
  3. Next we will move on to soldering the capacitors. Find the 10uF capacitors and place one in its spot on the board. Bend the leads so it does not move while you solder it.

Be careful to not use too much solder on the capacitor joints! You can snip off the excess wire when you’re finished.
The board should look like this when all the capacitors have been soldered.

  1. Solder the resistors. Put a resistor in its spot and bend the leads as you did with the capacitors.

The board will look like this after all the resistors have been soldered

  1. Find the 3.5mm jacks and solder them to the board.

The board should look like this when the jacks are in.

  1. Solder the male headers. Break off a length equal to the number of holes in the board and put them in.

When you’re finished it should look something like this.

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