the avrdude: stk500 not in sync 0x00 error, cant clear

Ive got one particular 5v pro-mini that will not let me upload. It's already soldered into a perf board and wired into my project. When uploading, I get the pin 13 led flashes, the Tx led on the ftdi adapter flashes a couple times, but the Rx led never lights like it does with my other pro minis. Pleeeeaaaaaasssseee don't tell me I have to desolder from perf board:( I've tried the other suggestions I found in another thread(one suggestion did fix this problem on another pro-mini) but nothing is working to fix this one particular board.

Hi. 2 of my mini pro's have the exact same problem try this, hold the reset button Down, compile and when the IDE says downloading realese the reset button Again. i think there is a batch of mini pro's with atmega328 that is not allright.. for me the next pro mini is a original from arduino Claus

Ya, I tried that one too, several times. Didnt work. Looks like Ill be de-soldering everything. Oy