The best breadboarding I've ever done.

I'm doing some research on color perception shift, and I needed a portable device to change the R,G,and B brightness on an LED. Enter my arduino. Check out how tight I got this breadboard, zero wiggle room.

(The additional power wires to the right are in case I want to add a switch.)

The back is a little less organized but still pretty uncluttered.

With LCD:

The project can also be controlled over serial.

Originally, I was going to put it on some perfboard with a dedicated ATmega but I think I'll actually just leave it as it.

Well done.

Next time you might like to consider using a Shield (with small breadboard), which would allow you to 'chop & change' the Arduino's functionality quickly.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I would have preferred using a shield, but this was the best I had and I think it's probably bigger too. I needed every last bit of space.

Man, that was amazing how you used the breadboard. By the way, where did you get your display, with two rows of pin holes? Do you know what the bottom row of holes are used for?

I got it from a guy on laserpointerforums. If you want to find him on here and see if he knows where he bought it, he did a project a while back called something like "three mirror spirograph" and posted it in the exhibition section IIRC. I'm not sure what the bottom holes are for, sorry. I seem to remember reading about it somewhere though...

I think I bought it from the OP of this thread...