The best microcontrollers with high microstep resolution for Arduino boards.

Hello! Would it be possible to use the boards of Arduino in combination with the stepper motor driver IC THB6128 of Sanyo? I want to use this motor driver as it supports 1/128 microstepping, the noise emission in the lower speed range shall be possibly low. Alternatively the L6470 of STMicroelectronics would come into question, as it supports also 1/128 microstepping. Maybe this are the best stepper motor driver ICs on the actual market? The Trinamic TMC262 supports 1/256 microstepping, but i unfortunately guess that it is not as easy to install as usually stepper motor driver ICs. Many Greetings

THB6128 of Sanyo: h

L6470 of STMicroelectronics:

Trinamic TMC262: