The case for a for a project case

Between my computer and trying to navigate your system it has taken 3 hours to get here. i am still not sure this is where i should be.

Sorry, we cannot read your mind and since you did not tell us where you wanted to be or what you want to see we cannot help. You said it took 3 hours to get here, how much of that is simply learning your computer? In order for us to help you need to ask. I can tell you I want to take a train but that also tells you nothing about the destination etc.

I wanted to post in the gallery my case for an Arduino system with three cards and a power supply. I thought I was there, but your response would make me think I'm not.

Yes, this is posted to the forum's "Exhibition / Gallery" category. That is an appropriate category for sharing your project.

Unfortunately, the image you shared is very low resolution, and so it will be difficult for anyone to see what you have made.

I recommend posting it as multiple images, each of a reasonable resolution. You can drag and drop images on to the forum post composer, paste them in to the post composer, or use the upward pointing arrow icon ("Upload") in the post composer toolbar to add images to a post.

I hope this is better. I guess my question is now, if i want to put stickers, like stock cars, of the components in my case on the cover, since such stickers are not available, can i print an Arduino sticker my self since it is open source?

Much better.

That is a very nice case. Thanks for sharing.

I also really like your DIY "snake light".

I see you have opened a dedicated topic for that question:

Let's confine the discussion about the use of the Arduino logo on your project to that topic, reserving this one for discussion and admiration of the project you shared.

hey sorry, the point of this case is that the shelves are pre-cut sign blanks 2" x 6" and the covers are 6" x 6" all thread and nuts hold them in place. "L" moulding holds the covers. the sides are cut 2 x 6 blanks. drill holes, cut moulding, glue. stain dark. I need to add a power indicator and a switch. I wanted to use a Hall effect instead of a switch. no jacks on case lose wires with labelled pin connections. i want to make several