The case of the missing I/O pins...

Hey all, Just about to order a Pro Mini for an e-bike project I'm working on. Something confuses me about the pro mini though and I hope someone can help me figure it out. The summary of the pro mini says that there are 14 digital I/O pins and 6 analog input pins. But I look at the picture and I'm pretty sure I only count 12 digital and 4 analog. 0 and 1 of the digital are not present, neither are 4 and 5 of the analog. Am I missing something or is the Pro Mini missing something? :P

Digital pins 0 & 1 are the TX and RX communication lines. A4 & A5 are shown on the schematic as being on JP2 a connector on the back. They are also known as SLA and SLC and can be used for I2C interfaces.

Ah, I see. Thanks