The Cheapest PCBA prototype company compare

1.Fusion PCBA service

Fusion offers one stop prototyping services to build electronic and mechanical parts in small quantity. PCBA service start from $25, low price, fast delivery and high quality. Fusion makes your R&D work easy and time-saving. We will work closely with you through our customer service people to ensure the best quality and quickest possible lead time. We have established us as the leading supplier of PCB and PCBA services for our consistent quality and excellent services.

2. Giantsmart Technology company

Giantsmart Technology to become your PCBA cooperator, including PCB design, PCB manufacture, PCB assembly (PCBA) and PCBA copy. Our responsive team will offer you PCB&PCBA services with a range of process control, refined and strict workflow and quality control. Generally, customer with batch order and high quality requirements would like to choose us as reliable option, because we treasure long term interest and win by our outstanding services.

3.Chenonn ELEC

We offer a PCB Assembly Service for your production requirements, so you’ll benefit from us save you time and money, allowing you to concentrate on your customers’ needs. We would welcome the opportunity to offer a proposal to assist with your assembly requirements.

4.PCBA Technology

We specialized in providing Technical Services for Panasonic SMT (Surface Mount Technology), AI (Auto Insertion) equipment and carry a full range of genuine Panasonic spare part, used smt machines, smt machine, auto insertion machine, panasonic smt machine and dedicated services along with the product range.


Columbia Tech is a flexible, customer-focused manufacturing resource for printed circuit board assembly. Printed circuit board assembly services are performed in a dedicated state-of-the-art, clean room facility and can be combined with Columbia Tech’s full system integration for efficient, one-stop manufacturing.

What the..........??

Is this SPAM?

What is the point of posting links to these companies and regurgitating the 'intros'?

Have you used any of these services for pcb'A'? What were the results? Comparison pics?

What about pricing? How do they compare? What size board did YOU have made?

hmm.. user name xxx_SEEED? and first link is to Fusion?

Is there min or max numbers of boards that can be made?

If your going to give a review... POST THE REVIEW part please. I see no comparison, just stock links.

  • when you add in the $10.00 for a color other than green (where other places give you choice of free color).. its definitely NOT the cheapest anymore.

and thats just PCB fab.. nothing to do with PCB"A" (assembly) from what I can see..

  • also.... but removing the display:block CSS style on the 'add to cart' button.. the sub-total cost is actually visible, and displays ABOVE the add-to-cart button so people can see it clearly.