The comments for my project are not showing up

I am posting this here because for some reason the forum section about issues with the website won't allow me to post.

I have a project on the project hub that got 1,200 views in a short period of time and I wondered why the comments weren't showing up. When I visit the project page the comment counter (the one in the table of contents running down the right hand-side of the page) shows that there are 152 comments, but they are not showing up.

Here's the URL to the project page:

Has anyone else experienced this problem?


--Mario Gianota

I can write a comment for you if you want me to? I see the issue but also it says "be the first to comment!".

Edit: I did it anyway. Now its back to 1. ;-)


I am still a little bemused as to why the counter shows 152. Maybe it is just a bug and the actual comment count on the project description is showing the accurate value.

–Mario Gianota

You can also file a support ticket here. Include a link to this post so they know what else to look for.