The compilation time is too long. Temporary files of compilated core are not cre

Board: M3Stack-Core-ESP32?
Core Installation/update date: 17.02.2018
IDE name: Arduino IDE 1.8.6
Flash Frequency: 40Mhz
Upload Speed: 115200

Dear friends,
the compilation time is too long. Temporary files of the compiled core are not created.
Obviously, due to incorrect settings in the platform.txt, the compiled core archiving for ESP32 simply does not work!
The “Aggressive caching” option for the compiled core is enabled, but the archive folder is always empty!
Compiling any sketch takes more than 2 minutes - it’s abnormal!

Typical compiletion, but folder C:\Users\mikha\AppData\Local\Temp\arduino_cache_559148\core is always empty! Never files in this folder… and 2 minutes every verify.

Archiving built core (caching) in: C:\Users\mikha\AppData\Local\Temp\arduino_cache_559148\core\core_espressif_esp32_m5stack-core-esp32_FlashMode_qio,FlashFreq_80,UploadSpeed_921600,DebugLevel_error_971a8c81649758eb73f9cbde4d14cb85.a
Sketch uses 693926 bytes (52%) of program storage space. Maximum is 1310720 bytes.
Global variables use 43364 bytes (14%) of dynamic memory, leaving 251548 bytes for local variables. Maximum is 294912 bytes.

What i do wrong?

As it is an ESP board and not an official ARDUINO board you could try it without the cache option turned on.

Usually in the cases of slow compiles it quite often turns out so be something simple.
This can range from using network / external drives but you seem to be using a local drive so it is doubtful that is the case here.

A favourite option that many seem to find is an over aggressive security system / antivirus.
This is usually easily checked by turning off your security for testing the IDE and if it is better then adding the Arduino locations to the exclusions / white list for the offending security.

Also turning off the "check for updates" in the preferences has on occasion also been helpful to people.

Are you saying that you see no difference in compilation duration between the first compilation of a sketch and the subsequent compilations? Note that anytime you change a setting, edit one of the cached files, or exit the Arduino IDE the cache is cleared.

Do you find that caching works if you compile for one of the Arduino AVR Boards?

One trick you can use to check if a file is being compiled is to add a #pragma message directive to it. If the file was cached then you won't see that message on subsequent compilations. Note that you need to put it in the source file (.cpp, etc.), not the header file (.h) since the source file is what is cached.

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