The current consumption of MQ7 Sensor

I have confusion related to using MQ7 sensor with arduini UNO. What I know is that the maximum Dc current per pin is 40mA, and from the data sheet of the sensor, the current consumption is around 130 -150 mA. So How can I connect this sensor to my arduino without damage it?

Thanks In Advance!

Digital pins on the Arduino can only source 40mA and preferably half that if you want your Arduino to last. But the on board regulator can manage 200mA so you can safely connect the sensor to the Arduino 5V and gnd pins. Google for Arduino and MQ7 and you'll find several tutorials that show you wiring.

Thanks for your comment.

Look at this pic, it's shown that the sensor is directly connected to related analog (A0) and Pin8 . how the 130 mA will be distributed through this connection ?

Through the red wire attached to Arduino 5V.

If you found that diagram on some web site, avoid that site. If you follow the instructions there, you will destroy your Arduino.

The LED does not have a current limiting resistor.