The Current Consumption

Hello ,

How I can measure the current consumption of my arduino UNO ?


With a milliammeter.

AWOL: With a milliammeter.

How is that ?

F_O_S: How is that ?

Because that's what a milliammeter is for.

F_O_S: How is that ?

Put a meter that measures milliamps in series with the power input.

If you are using USB power then the easiest way is something like this USB Charge Doctor

Here is a clear explanation of the concept for beginners.

I found it by typing "measure milliamps" into the search field of my web browser.

The Uno uses about 50mA, but your real problem is the MQ2 gas sensor. The gas sensor uses about 150mA, and can't be put to sleep. Leo..

The entire MQ series of gas sensors confuses me. There is so much overlap. I’d need 12 sensors and a whole lot of calibration and calculation to analyze any specific gas. So most of the MQ sensors are just flammable, organic vapor detectors.

I wonder - are there any NDIR solutions for various hydrocarbons? They could be both low standby current and sleepable. I’ve been using my CO2 ‘Gravity’ ndir sensor for a year in my office. I can tell when my boss is in the room, cause the reading goes way up!