The delema of IR Universal Remote Control

I have an HDMI switch working manually because I lost the original ir remote control. These cheap devices have no manual so I can not check the protocol used.

NOW, if I recall the universal remote has a SETUP key. You keep pressing it until the device in question is turned ON. This way the universal remote CAN DETECT the protocol.

I want to emulate this procedure using Arduino ( I do not have Universal Remote).

By putting IR transmitter in pin 3 as IRrecord.ino suggestion by shirriff/Arduino-IRremote. I use a switch to blast ON code from different protocols until I hit the right code. The sketch will spell out the data I need.

Searching the internet for such a sketch was an impossible task. All I get ASSUME I have the original Remote which I do not !!!!

Can anyone shed some light on this VERY COMMON case ( loosing the remote)

I can't help with your actual question, but I'd suggest posting the details of your switch here. You never know, someone may have experience with that one and know the IR protocol.

Why don't you just type the details.... or attach the pic? (You have to do a "full" reply not a "quick" reply to see the "Additional options" below the typing area, and attach there.)

I just did. I went to Amazon got the details. Captured the page uploaded to dropbox and gave you the link. If I need to do more!!, just let me know.

I got it from dropbox, but that's not what I meant. You could just attach the pic to the post in Additional Options.

(You could also, of course, just have given the link to Amazon 8) )

More than one way to skin a cat

Just a long shot but Samsung cellphones have an app to work as a IR remote. Find a friend with one, let him try to set it up on his phone. Then you can copy the codes with any learning remote or with an Arduino.

Skinned more than one cat, and have one that begs for it daily...

Can anyone shed some light on this VERY COMMON case ( loosing the remote)

Visit the forums where universal remote control codes are discussed (OFA, Pronto, Harmony).

One file which could match:
No-name Chinese 5 port HDMI switch
This one uses the NEC1 protocol (PID=00 5A), the codes can be found in the attachment.

For more details to understand what to do with the contained codes, you have to use the Remote-Master V2.03 Program and the information from the Hifi-Remote Forum.

To send code, you could look at the IRMP / IRSEND project.
which can send and received codes (text is in German).

The links will help you to solve your problem, but for such a cheap device, I would just buy a new one :slight_smile: