The device is showing online but in sketch section of Arduino IOT showing "No associated device found"

I am connecting my node mcu with arduino iot cloud and in editor i am able to select board and com port as well as able to upload the code via arduino editor window and the result is also displayed in serial monitor.
My device is showing online status too in arduino IOT cloud but in sketch window its showing that NO ASSOCIATED DEVICE FOUND.
Arduino create is working fine too.
Resolve this issue.
attaching screen shot.

Hi @sridayal. It's not possible for Arduino IoT Cloud to automatically discover the ESP8266 and ESP32 devices. The reason is that these boards use a general purpose USB to serial adapter chip (e.g., CH340, CP2012) that has the manufacturer supplied USB VID/PID identifier. There is absolutely no way for a machine to know what is on the other side of a chip using those generic VID/PIDs. The port might be any Arduino board, or even some random piece of consumer electronics.

The situation is different with the official IoT-enabled Arduino boards (e.g., Nano 33 IoT) because each of these boards has a custom VID/PID that was purchased by Arduino and only used by that board. So a machine can know for certain that port is a specific Arduino board.

When using your NodeMCU board with Arduino IoT Cloud, you only need to click the "Open full editor" button and use the port selector provided by Arduino Web Editor to manually select the port of your board.

@pert I am very well awaree with the fact and have installed the driver too i.e.CP2102. i am attaching the status. as from screenshot u can see that everything works fine except previous one i.e. showing message and not able to get data at cloud widget which i have created.

Kindly mention the time taken by iot cloud to reflect the actual status of device i.e. either offline or online in case of Node mcu.
I am adding one more screenshot for your reference

That problem is unrelated to the expected "NO ASSOCIATED DEVICE FOUND" warning message you encountered. We might be able to help you with the cloud widget problem you reported, but we'll need more information. You will probably get the most attention from the forum helpers if you open a new forum topic for that, since it's a different subject matter and thus of interest to those whose attention will not be drawn by this topic's original subject matter.

I have the same problem. No associated device found
I'am using ESP32, but I want to upload sketch via wifi. Will that not work with ESP board?

Hi @tor-arne5000. The information I shared above is specific to uploading to an ESP8266 or ESP32 board that is connected to the computer via a USB cable.

I don't have experience using these boards with Arduino IoT Cloud, but the information I'm aware of indicates that Arduino Cloud does not currently provide support for OTA on them:


OTA is compatible with the Arduino NANO 33 IoT and Arduino MKR WiFi 1010 boards.

And also some discussion on the subject here:

But you can definitely upload to them over USB by using Arduino Web Editor. You can also download your Thing sketch from Arduino Cloud and then do OTA uploads of the sketch to your board using the standard Arduino IDE as usual.