The ebay Arduino "Fast Shiipers" vs "Slow Shippers" and "good sellers" listing

I buy a LOT of Arduino related stuff on ebay. Probably too much.
But because of it, I get a fairly good feel for those ebay shippers that get your orders out fast vs those that sit on them a while or other are painfully slow. Also, shippers that aren't quite 100% up and up like posting a photo of one item (best) then actually shipping a close substitute (cheaper).

So, I thought I'd start a list that might help those sellers who help us get our "stuff" faster by doing a great job of quickly processing our orders after we place them.
Of course it also depends on the shipping method so that has to be considered. Mainly I'm referring to the time it takes them to get it to the carrier...regardless of shipping method.

Had a great experience or a rotten eggs experience with an ebay Arduino accessories supplier?
Feel free to add your own, but it would probably help if you would imitate my format of highlighting and description to keep as somewhat uniform look to the sellers comments.

SELLER (RATING Green or Red)

I'll start with these.....

rcga6821 (Excellent)
This seller based in China has consistently exceeded my expectations on shipping times. They also send what is pictured and not a substitute. Highly recommended IMO.

alice1101983 (Poor)
Chinese based seller. Another who seems to consistently ship fast......but I've noticed that too many of the items received from them are defective. Possibly a Chinese clearing house for others returns / rejects? Poor
Chinese based seller. This is one that posted one photo, then sent a different item. Shipping times were reasonable however.

chivazhu (Excellent)
I've received quite a few items from this Chinese based seller. Consistently fast dispatch and often arrived in 14 days. Longest was 20 days. Still not bad for free shipping!

onlinehappyshopping Poor
Slow. I would avoid this one. Provides invalid tracking numbers. Some items have not arrived more than 30 days.

custom-sign A but slow to ship
Usually takes 3-5 days to ship. Could be faster.
USA based Korean seller. Otherwise ok. Good quality parts.
You may or may not get a tracking number.

Frentaly Excellent
If you want it fast and don't mind paying a bit more this one is great.
USA based Korean seller. Consistently fast dispatch. Good quality parts.

caelectronics8 Excellent
USA based Korean seller. Consistently fast dispatch. Good quality parts.

dd-614 OK...not great
Slow. Items from this seller oddly didn't have expected delivery dates. A bit slow arriving.

tinxi-clothes Excellent
Chinese based seller. The name certainly doesn't inspire confidence, but shipping times were fast and the items received were as expected and worked properly.

deeplearnings Excellent
Chinese based seller. Shipping times were fast and the items received were as expected and worked properly.

rp_one_labs Excellent
USA based seller
If you want the item fast and don't mind paying a bit more, this seller is the answer.

94racing-us Poor
Chinese based. Despite the name, I haven't found anything fast about this sellers service.
Slow. I would avoid this one. Provides no tracking numbers (presumably to fatten their profit?). Some items have not arrived more than 30 days.

billblan-4 OK- Slow
USA based seller
Last item took four business days just to ship out. It's a bummer when you pay more to US sellers so you get it faster....then they take their time shipping. I've has a number of items arrive from China within 10 days. Not common...but it happens.

I actually like the idea of this thread as E bay are totally against name and shame and you can get in trouble if you do that.

I use worldchips who have been great as far as Chinese go usually slow delivery times on the free shipping but no issues.

I also use alice1101983 too and after an initial glitch with them they have since been fine usual slow delivery though.

For a little quicker delivery I use universalsolder in Canada..Prices are a touch higher but that is offset by delivery times.

Another of my favourites is wikitastar. been great to deal with and when a batch of TMP36 were defective they refunded without any hassle at all. That in itself is unusual for Chinese sellers as there is usually a long protracted drawn out chain of emails.


satisfyelectronics ALL ARRIVED

service2worldwide very late delivery > 40 days

Not going to include Amazon as we all know the prices are so much higher than E bay for exactly the same item..GRRR

Good additions ballscrewbob

Agreed, with the new feedback system and the fact that ebay goes out of it's way to prevent any kind of real commenting on sellers, it just seems like it would be helpful.

Many people do not post deserved feedback because it really doesn't help because you'll just get blocked by the seller usually and most people ignore feedback anyway. Also, too many people post positive feedback simply because an item arrived....learning later the items was no good. Too late to file appropriate feedback. I ALWAYS wait 30 days before leaving feedback (when I do). I just usually avoid leaving feedback unless it's positive.

I find Reviews are the best way to inform people of quality on Ebay as they dont name names but get the product across as good or bad.

I try to be fair in an assessment too. So many sellers have the same product that you cant name them all as bad sellers. Have had both good and bad items from the same seller.

The feedback system over there is not designed to help anyone but Ebay.

My biggest pet peeve is that despite being in Canada buying from the US is such a nightmare. Many dont and wont ship to Canada and the same item here is often overpriced by a very large margin.

My other pet peeve is that not too long ago items had more description and or tech data. Now you have to do the leg work yourself before you buy and ask too many questions before you know what you are going to get.

rise-abruptly Sent an message requesting feedback the moment it had been 'despatched'. Needless to say, never arrived.

GC_Supermarket on the other hand, excellent service. Got to love the name, Good & Cheap Supermarket!

I don't understand the mentality of rating every transaction as 'good'. I place an order, pay for it, I receive the goods. That is how it is supposed to work. Therefore I think that regular transactions should be rated as 'neutral'. If the seller goes out of their way somehow then rate it as 'good', but they bar is set so high there is no way to reward any additional effort.


Appears U.S. based. Four days for two project boxes which arrived safely and no issues. The boxes are sturdy, too. Lid and wall thickness quite satisfactory.



Fast delivery and good product New supplier to me and was impressed.Tracking number was slower than the delivery LOL.

Just wanted to post an update concerning this shipper.....


More issues with this vendor

They have a fairly good ebay rating as of this posting (99.2) and have been members since 2012 so I'm actually surprised at the poor service I've received lately. Flukes? New management?
I don't know....but I've had a string of problems with them now having received at least a half dozen items from them in December.

Odd that you mention Alice as two of us have had decent experience with them.

They were and are one of my early Arduino related item suppliers.
Not had any issues since an early glitch.
I find that coming down quite strictly on suppliers from Ebay often gets me better future service.

It has also meant a few freebies too :wink:
Latest was a 5 mtr roll of RGB which were supposed to be addressable but turned out to be std RGB strip. Couple of emails later and a refund and the roll was mine to keep as it was thier mistake and they knew shipping back at thier expense would be a bigger loss. Also had a batch of relay modules that were not in my order on another occasion...btw these were not from Alice.

Turned out to be a big misunderstanding.

Never accept a "re-ship" EVER.
Almost always if its from China they dont do the re-ship and you loose out.
Get the money and re-order elsewhere.

There are also fake tracking numbers too so heads up on that one.
Pays to sometimes query the tracking too as some sellers get jittery if they think you know what you are doing

If an item is more than a couple of days late I do a "Contact seller" warning that I will be looking for a refund.

Previously I had great service from alice101983 but the last 2 orders have been screwed up. I have started to use other vendors with much success.

I seem to see a pattern that if I order multiple different items from a seller, it takes a long time to receive them. But if I only order 1 item, I get it faster than usual.


I would agree with that...smaller packages do seem to arrive quicker.

Am currently getting great service with alice1101983 even for multiple items but I am ordering a little more frequently and it seems now they sort of know me they have no qualms with anything I say about any of the items being defective (2 out of 40) and dont even ask for pictures etc anymore. Just an immediate refund !

To anyone else it also seems to help if you do a good little review of your items as well and build up some credibility that way on EBay.

hi there,

I want to express my personal opinion about the seller rcga6821
I order a tunner from ebay for my arduino project but he never arrived and i never see my money back
after a thousand promises so you can safely avoid it with your future orders
I'm just saying it's not because that they deceived me, but I do not want another to be deceived


You should have filled with EBay for your money back.

Also ALWAYS tick the "send a copy to my personal email" box when talking to sellers.
That way you have a proper copy of any correspondence.

It can be a bit of a pain if you are doing lots of transactions but everyone should try keep up with delivery times etc etc.