The EU and Brexit

Most of what the EU regulates on is non intuitive, and often contradictory. They specials in it.

Noting in the news tonight that a lot of supply problems over there are presently being blamed on Brexit. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

And what has that got to do with stupid EU regulations?
Anyway that is the press for you, simplify and exaggerate.

Was that not part of Brexit?

Can I ask the forum moderators to ban anyone who hijacks my thread and uses the B word? :sob: :sob: :sob:

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I blame Brexit for facebook, whatsapp, instagram going down today.

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I thought they reached a verdict on Brexit.

They did and it is a DONE DEAL !
Much fewer EUROCRATS telling us what to do and the shape of our bananas :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

And the United Kingdom becomes the 51st state of the United States of America.

Only in El Cheeto's warped mind


IDK. I live in the US, I just remember hearing something about a verdict in like 2019.

Well the verdict was deliverer in 2016 in a nation wide vote. However, the majority was small for leaving.

Edit correction on the numbers:-
There were 33,551,983 valid votes out of 46,500,001 registered voters. A 72.21% turnout.
The result was: Leave 17,410,742 which is 51.89% of the vote.
Remain 16,141,241 which is 48.11% of the vote.

What was worse the majority of the Members of Parliament, irrespective of party, were against it and so there was a campaign which effectively stopped the process of leaving. This wasn't helped by the EU breaking there own strict rules on the period of time the process should take, giving the UK unwanted extensions. The EU are very strict on rules unless it inconveniences them, then they change them, or ignore them. Even when ordered to by the courts, three times in one case.

However, in 2019 we had a general election with a new leader of the ruling party (The Conservative party), he was a "cartoon character", rather like a "Trump Lite" who campaigned to leave. They won with a landslide, due to our first past the post voting system, and so the process could continue. The EU put all sorts of barriers in the way, but by 31 January 2020 the UK had officially left, but there was still a transition period in place during which nothing changed. The UK finally became independent on 1 January 2021.

Since then every thing that could be considered slightly disadvantaged to the UK, has been blamed on Brexit, by the big minority who voted to remain. They are known in the UK as Remoners a concatenation of the words Remain and moan, or complain.

In truth most things are a result of many factors, the global Covid pandemic, with its associated travel restrictions, chronic ( long standing problems ) and adapting to the consequences of the petty restrictions the EU imposes in a desire to punish the UK and discourage any other nation from leaving.

The way the EU worked was to make member countries incorporate their rules in the law governing the member countries, so the UK is still being hampered by long standing laws and it will take a lot of time to unpick then and throw out the bits that are stupid. Sadly it is too late to remove all of them as they have already damaged / changed the world. So the UK is only 10 months into being able to make its own decisions, but Covid is taking up a lot of time and money.


Cool. Now if someone asks me what Brexit is in a couple paragraphs I'll send them over here.

Your numbers are way out. There were 33,551,983 valid votes out of 46,500,001* registered voters. A 72.21% turnout.
The result was: Leave 17,410,742 51.89%
Remain 16,141,241 48.11%
Your figures appear to not be for the whole of the UK (+ Gibraltar). Maybe just your region.

Edit * I suspect that figure is a fairly accurate guestimate.

Yes sorry, I did check on the .gov website but you are correct, it was only for Greater London. I did think they looked low absolute values but the proportions were roughly the same. I will correct my post.

It isn't specifically European, they along with most countries on the planet adopted the 60466 standard set by the International Electrotechnical Commission.



Tom... :grinning: :+1: :coffee: :australia:

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They don't have the hang of colours in North America


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