The evolution of my Arduino PAL demo project

Hi to all, I wanted to share with you one of my project. I have been developing emulators for SEGA and other systems for many years, but recently I got interested in electronics as part of my SEGA emulation development. I wanted to port my emulator to a small embedded system, not just the PC.

So the adventure started on an Arduino Duemilanove and a TV color PAL video driver. It was written in inline ASM and the graphic is rendered thanks a tiny tile engine. The result was very primitive but it pushed me in going on in my adventure with microcontrollers :)


Anyway, 2 years later after several projects, I now know a little about electronics, but during this time, I worked with Andre' LaMothe, the creator of the XGameStation, HYDRA, PropC3, and other systems on a new web site called I am really excited about the site since over the last 2 years I have visited a lot of electronics sites like SparkFun, Parallax, Adafruit, ThinkGeek and others, and no one site has all the things I was looking for.

I had to work hard but at the end my starting Arduino project became a real big project. I was able to design the C3Synapse for the PropC3 and go on with my emulator: SEGA SC-3000 on a PropC3

It's important to find all you need for your project, that's why with we really tried hard to think of everything! Of course, I am sure we made lots of mistakes and have a long way to go. But, the goal of the site is not just to be another web site where you can buy embedded electronics kits, and robots. But, we want to have experts on the site reviewing products and we are going to produce VERY technical videos on each major product as we roll out the site. Also, since our parent company Nurve Networks LLC manufactures embedded systems, we are offering manufacturing guidance to indie developers as well as a place to sell their products on our site when they get them built! Anyway, we just launched the site, and we need your support, so check it out, and tell your friends. And we love emails and questions, so post in the forums or email us directly.

I hope you liked it!