the IRremote library only supports one output: i need two

first off, i'm not very experienced with all of this, i apologize in advance. i am attempting to make a remote device to more easily control two video projectors simultaneously via this (common, as i understand) IRremote library: I've got everything in my program figured out, except for how to communicate with both of the projectors. they are the same projectors, have the same remotes, and the same IR codes perform the same functions for each of them. but, as they are on two different sides of the room, i need at least two IR leds to send the commands to them (if not more, for better transmission strength). the real problem for me is that i don't know how to make a second IR led to flash the same signal.

i see two approaches: edit my code/the IR library's code to use two outputs, or design a circuit to have one output drive the two leds. and honestly i'm not really sure at all how to do either of those, so any help would be very appreciated! if at all possible, i would prefer the first approach i listed, so that i could add some code, and two switches as inputs to change which projector i'm controlling, if need be.

The easiest way would be to electrically hook your one pin up to both LEDs.

yep, i guess so, i guess i should've Googled just a little more before posting this, a little more searching and i finally found a schematic with a transistor that would allow me to run both led's at full brightness.

thank you for your help!